Mayan Power and Light

Awareness and access to sustainable technologies

Mayan Power and Light (MPL) is an innovative social venture incubator designed to promote community participation and elevate local change agents with social business strategies that serve the urgent needs of their communities.  MPL promotes gender equality with a focus on teaching Mayan women to create sustainable businesses.

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We promote grassroots community development with social entrepreneurship and renewable,
appropriate technologies to fortify local economies with social and environmental impacts.


Sensitizes the public about Appropriate Technologies for better health, economy and natural resource management.


To energy efficient solutions in underserved communities through development projects and activating local businesses.


Healthy economies are diverse and inclusive. We create space for women and marginalized communities to take leadership for change.

Social Entrepreneurship

Practical coaching sessions support small businesses and encourage them to integrate social and environmental impacts into their business models.
Rural women develop business plans and skills to serve their community, benefit the environment and earn their own income.

Demonstration Projects

Community buildings offer improved services while demonstrating the benefits of solar power, water filters, and clean cookstoves.
Solar powered computer labs improve quality of education.
Cellphone charging stations allow kids to charge their family cellphone while at school.

Generations of Change

Hands-on, STEM-rich trainings at schools, universities and community centers increase awareness about appropriate technologies that address poverty and the environment.
Specializing in solar power, workshops help people make educated investments in home solar power solutions. Students learn to calculate their power needs, where to set solar panels, and solar components.

Community Empowerment

Sessions with community leaders build their capacity to plan and lead sustainable projects independently.
This process encourages community-directed initiatives from planning to fundraising and maintenance.

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