Project name:

Mayan Power and Light

Project description:

Problem:  1.6 Billion people live without access to electricity.  Another billion people live in squatter settlements where power is intermittent.   Everyone wants to see at night but if you don’t have electricity the next best thing is a kerosene lamp.   Kerosene however is expensive.  Our data show prices from 60 cents per week to several dollars per week.  In homes without electricity breathing kerosene fumes is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day – for everyone in the house!  Moreover kerosene lamps are very inefficient.  You burn a lot of fuel and get relatively little light.

Solution:  Solar power combined with high efficiency LED lights are a great replacement for kerosene lamps.  Our one watt LED lights are much brighter than kerosene lamps.  Households with our solar lighting systems report having two extra hours of work in the evenings, their children can do their homework at night for the first time and they make extra income by doing extra weaving or needle-point work to sell in local markets.