Our Mission

Teaching Bamboo Construction

The Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) creates new sustainable technologies that promote economic growth and improve the quality of life for low income people worldwide.  We design, develop, demonstrate and distribute affordable technological solutions that empower people and promote dignity. ATC works in collaboration with local talent and other nonprofits (NGOs) to create market-based solutions that are culturally sensitive, environmentally responsible and locally repairable in order to improve the quality of life and reduce adverse impacts on the environment.

Since ATC’s inception, ATC has provided technical support and volunteers for collaborations in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and India, working side-by-side with communities to build, install, test, and monitor solar lighting; a system for providing drinking water and irrigation;  a Solar Vaccine Refrigerator (SVR); a treadle pump; wind turbines and a generator made from easily accessible recycled materials.  We have also created programs where local experts teach about solar power and help incubate solar businesses.  The ATC Mayan  Power and Light program teaches local Mayan women about electricity, circuits and solar power and then helps start Mayan woman owned solar businesses.

Throughout these projects, ATC recognized the need to enter into full collaboration and co-creation with our clients in less economically developed countries in order to design technologies and create programs that have a lasting effect on quality of life for our partners.  The result of collaboration is both we and our clients continue to grow.  Our clients continue to become more and more self-sufficient in identifying and solving their own problems.

ATC has grown as an organization through meeting with local residents for hours, days, weeks and months to listen to their concerns; understand their culture and value system; brainstorm as equal partners; and determine technological solutions to solve problems that respect and enhance local culture and values.  These overarching goals infuse everything ATC does.