Our Beliefs

Lower Pump House - uwal k'ox
ATC, Rutgers and the NSCI Water Committee


Appropriate Technologies are sustainable solutions to daily needs prioritizing affordable, locally available materials and skills, environmental sustainability and social impact.  Appropriate technology designs are replicable by most individuals to provide long term supply and maintenance of technologies. Appropriate Technologies are designed to fit within each specific social, cultural and geographical context. Therefore, designs for a similar technology may vary in different contexts.

ATC organizes globally and acts locally.  Sustainable solutions to development needs are most successful when identified, analyzed and addressed by local leaders and experts. ATC projects are run in collaboration with embedded community organizations using appropriate technology as a tool for empowering development. 

ATC shares tried-and-tested appropriate technology designs open-source, online to empower groups and individuals access to technologies that will improve their lives.

  • Sustainability – ATC projects and designs are built to last. Collaborating local leaders are involved from project design to implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Their leadership is supported with new skills and understanding to use and maintain appropriate technologies by local trainers and experts. Appropriate technology projects add to our partner organizations’ sustainability through fuel-saving and labor-saving devices.
  • Relationships– ATC maintains long term relationships with respected community organizations and leaders. Our relationships develop the trust for true peer to peer communication enabling the creative design process to flow from the community itself. This process enhances confidence, critical thinking, decision-making and cooperation as we construct. ATC projects are truly collaboratively designed appropriate technologies for community empowerment.
  • Opportunity – We believe that opportunity makes the deepest impact on sustainable development by empowering people to meet their potential.   Opportunity harnesses human creativity and enhances human dignity. A sense of opportunity inspires in people the confidence to discover solutions within themselves. Our appropriate technology projects are designed to increase income-earning opportunities in marginalized economies from rural villages to city slums.
  • Transparency – Building long term relationships based on trust is just as important with our donors as with our collaborating community organizations. ATC provides open and complete documentation and frequent reports on our projects and programs to keep you informed.  Our volunteer service trips in Guatemala are a great way to visit our project sites, get to know our community members and experience our impact first hand.