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Vincente Teaching Bamboo and Jose Teaching Solar
Volunteers Learning Natural Construction and Solar


Come join The Appropriate Technology Collaborative for the experience of a lifetime!
Our volunteer trips  are combined Solar Power installations and Natural Building Projects at schools, nutrition centers, community centers and medical clinics.  Learn-by-doing local natural building techniques and solar electricity concepts around Lake Atitlan and beyond. Recent participants report ATC volunteer work projects as “life changing” and “the best vacation we ever had”.  (Note:  We promise hard work, but most people call it fun!)  While most tourists never experience Guatemala up close, you will work hand-in-hand with local talent and gain insight into an indigenous Latin American culture.  In addition to speaking Spanish, most local ATC staff speak one of the 23 Mayan languages.   Where we work “utz” means good and “maltiox” (pronounced mal-ti-osh) means thank you.

If you are interested please contact us:  Volunteer Travel With ATC

Group Photo Santa Cruz Solar on CECAP Horiz 600
Santa Cruz Solar Team

Your personal rewards from the ATC Volunteer for a Sustainable Future experience are incalculable. The Maya way of life remains in tact here in the Guatemalan highlands, weaving and wearing traditional textiles and making tortillas from corn raised on their fields.   See people planting maize and harvesting coffee on steep hillsides.  Visit the gorgeous Lake Atitlan, and its surrounding volcanoes. Take a historic walking tour of Antigua Guatemala, a World Heritage site and former capital of Latin America and end our trip with a tour of the ancient Mayan city, Iximche.   If you are game for hard work, daily hikes in the mountains and making new friends, an ATC Volunteer trip is for you. Some ATC volunteers have even repeated the trip – there is always something new to learn!  Contact us soon at:   Volunteer Travel With ATC

More information is available at:  ATC Volunteer Travel Information