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The Appropriate Technology Collaborative has several programs with the overarching goal of bringing new affordable, sustainable programs and technologies to the world’s poorest people.

  • Mayan Power and Light – Our Guatemalan team teaches women about electricity, circuits and solar power and then we help incubate Mayan woman owned solar businesses.  See:  Mayan Power and Light
  • Volunteer Travel – Folks from all over the world work with us in Guatemala to install solar power, learn about natural building and much more.  See:  Volunteer Travel
  • Technology Development – ATC has collaborated with our clients, students, volunteers, engineers and professionals to create sustainable and affordable technologies that create opportunity.  Our designs include a Solar Vaccine Refrigerator, a “Ram Pump” , a Treadle Pump, Life Saving Insulation, a high power generator made 100% from recycled materials, solar lights, solar power and more.
  • College and University Design Challenges – Student Teams learn to design and create new sustainable technologies, establish socially oriented businesses or join Service Learning programs.  Each student project is designed to meet the needs of our local Guatemalan communities and provides a culturally significant experience for all.
  • College and University Service Learning –  ATC provides custom programs for Colleges and Universities to work on deeply meaningful, culturally immersive projects.  We provide transportation, lodging, food and cultural enrichment programs.

Note:  We have new projects and programs in development.  Updates on our projects can be found on our Facebook Page.