How You Can Help

Group Photo Santa Cruz Solar on CECAP Horiz 600

1.   Join Us!  Our volunteers help us install solar power and build structures for schools, clinics, community centers and more.  Many of our volunteer projects include Guatemalan students from our Mayan Power and Light program.  Engage a different culture and help make the world a better place.  All travel and meals are provided.  Link:

MPL Double 600

2.  Donate to one of our local projects.  Mayan Power and Light teaches at-risk Mayan women about electricity, circuits and solar power.   We then work with groups to create Mayan Woman owned businesses.  MPL is expanding and we need supplies to teach in other countries.  Please read the MPL information on Global Giving:

Bee Boys 4 400

3.  Another important project is working with a locally organized group of young men who provide health education and indigenous pride.  They make money for their enterprise by keeping bees and selling honey.  We call them the “Bee Boys”, a great group of kids working hard to make their world better.  Please read page on the Bee Boys project at Global Giving.   Link:


4.  We support 110 women who farm organic Amaranth grain.  Amaranth is an indigenous crop to the Lake Atitlan area where the women have their farms.  ATC is working with them to build an Amaranth Thresher and Winnower.  This is a complicated technical project, but it will save each farm about 2 weeks time they spend hand threshing and winnowing their crops.  Imaging 110 women farmers saving 2 weeks each.  This technology will save years of work and make growing this nutritious grain even more profitable. Link:


ReGen Instagram Photo        Treadle Pump Final

5.  Help us create new technologies that are used world-wide.  We create designs such as a solar vaccine refrigerator that is in use in many countries, a powerful generator made from recycled auto and microwave oven parts or our Treadle Pump, that helps thousands of rural farmers irrigate their crops and make extra income.  Our technology development programs are primarily funded from generous personal donations.  Link:

The continued generosity of the ATC Community keeps us moving forward, helps us create new technologies, build relationships and improve the quality of life.

Thank you