How You Can Help

Group Photo Santa Cruz Solar on CECAP Horiz 600

1. Join us!

 Learn how to install solar alongside community members and leave behind an electrified building.
Design and Build Appropriate Technologies:
Help us create new technologies that are used world-wide.  We create designs such as a Solar Vaccine Refrigerator that is in use in many countries, a powerful generator made from recycled auto and microwave oven parts or our Treadle Pump, that helps thousands of rural farmers irrigate their crops and make extra income.  Our technology development programs are primarily funded from generous personal donations.  Link:

2. Donate

 Individual donations powers up our Research & Development for new appropriate technologies all over the world. We couldn’t do it without the thousands of individuals that form this Collaborative. Thanks for pitching in!

3. Innovate

Help us improve inside and out! We rely on skilled volunteers to help us with administrative and engineering work to keep this organization growing. Let us know what you can do, the Collaborative has space for you!

4.  Donate to one of our local projects.

ATC Local projects waiting to be funded:

 ATC projects are identified and co-designed by community groups who approach ATC to assist in their development goals with appropriate technological solutions. Through a series of visits and communications, needs are assessed and the project goals become clear. The beneficiary communities are charged with designing their own plan for a maintenance fund that fits into their organizational structures and fluctuations of income.  Link: Projects

Village Water System and Solar Power at Comunidad Santa Isabel, Patulúl, Sololá

Help 160 extremely poor farmers that live in 20 basic homes with electricity and water.  Link: Projects

Elementary School Computer Lab at Public Elementary School at Comunidad San Jose, San Lucas Tolíman, Sololá

Provide essential educational equipment with a small, affordable computer lab.  Link: Projects

Solar Power and Education for CEIPA – Alternative School for Child Laborers

The CEIPA school has been serving underprivileged children in Guatemala for over 30 years. Mayan Power and Light can strengthen their institutional capacity serving 300 students per year by reducing the organization’s monthly energy bills and 55,000 pounds of CO2 per year.  Link: Projects

Solar at Public School of Aldea Captzin Ii, San Juan Ixcoy, Huehuetenango

In a community with no electricity at all, 200 People regularly use the school building for community events and meetings and a health center on top of school events. 160 Watts of solar will electrify the building for good reading light in the day and night,  charge cellphones, play music, and run a PA system for meetings.  Link: Projects

Solar at Public School of Aldea La Laguna, Concepcion Tutuapa, San Marcos

250 people use the un-electrified school building for classes, community meetings, events, and medical clinics. 160 Watts of solar will electrify the building for good reading light in the day and night,  charge cellphones, play music, and run a PA system for meetings.  Link: Projects

Educational Solar Hardware for our Circuits and Solar workshops

Help us continue our award winning Mayan Power and Light program.  Our current set of educational kits has been used by SEA and ATC to educate over 500 Guatemalans since Mayan Power and Light began in 2012. Voltage controllers and electronics educational kits tend to get damaged.  This is expected but hardware needs to be replaced.  Link: Projects

Mayan Power and Light 2017

Advance our award-winning program to grow an inclusive, sustainable economy in Guatemala. Train 6-8 rural women in advanced sales, marketing and communications to help her build the next level of skills towards entrepreneurship.  Bring electricity to 10,000 people every year.  Link: Projects

Final Model of Amaranth Machine and Training a Welder

Help us finalize and publish an ATC design of an agricultural machine that supports sustainable farming and food security. The women’s amaranth cooperative Oxlajuj ‘ E, employs 110 women in natural agriculture of the native superfood, Amaranth.  Link: Projects

Finca La Florida Bulk Macadamia Nut Cracking Machine

Help us create opportunity in a poor agricultural community.  We can increase income by building a commercial grade macadamia nut cracker.  Help 46 small-scale farmers access a higher value market by funding the design, prototype and construction of this appropriate technology.  Link: Projects

“Save the Lake” Education and Community Mobilization

Lake Atitlan is in trouble.  Increased population and agricultural run-off create toxic algae blooms and dead zones where aquatic animals cannot live.  Public awareness and action are necessary to improve water quality before time runs out.  Link: Projects

Your continued support of the ATC Community keeps us moving forward, helps us create new technologies, build relationships and improve the quality of life for the world’s poorest people.

Thank you