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ATC – Select Programs and Technologies:

Mayan Power and Light Program:

1.6 Billion people live without electricity and use kerosene or candles to light their homes. Our Mayan Power and Light program teaches young Mayan women about electricity, circuits and solar power and we help incubate woman owned solar businesses.

2014 - 2
Mayan Women Learn About Solar Power and How to Start Solar Businesses

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Volunteer Travel Program:

Join the hundreds of people who have traveled with ATC to Guatemala and Nicaragua. Learn to install solar power and how to build inexpensive natural buildings from world leaders.

2014 - 7
Solar and Natural Building Volunteers – Guatemala 2014

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Solar Vaccine Freezer Technology:

Our award winning freezer technology uses ethanol + activated charcoal to provide “chain of cold” support for rural medicine storage. It is designed to be manufactured and maintained locally in areas without electricity.

MSU Solar Vaccine Refrigerator
Solar Vaccine Refrigerator – Guatemala Prototype

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Insulation for High Altitude Homes:

We insulated a rural mountain home in an area where it freezes at night for just ~ $35.00.   The medical clinic in the village of Nueva Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan reported that the primary cause of disease and death in people over 45 was pulmonary illness due to the persistent low temperatures at night.  Our insulation was very inexpensive and in our tests it works as good as, or better than fiberglass!


Making Insulation 2
Making Insulation From Recycled Costales – Guatemala

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